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Minster Matters Readers Mapping

Check out where we are read, and add your location to our map

View Minster Matters in a larger map (opens in a new tab or window)

To add YOUR location click the link to view the larger map - this will open in a new tab, or window, (depending on your own settings) so as you can refer back to these instructions more easily. Or if you prefer, we have produced some illustrated instructions that you can access here - Map Instructions (showing 10 simple steps plus a copy of the following text)

To access the map you will need to be signed into Google, so if you do not have a Google account please use the following:-
login name:  mmmapping       password:  mmmapping123

Note both login and password have 3 m's at beginning of each

Click the "Sign in" link at top right of page enter above details to login. If you are using your own GMaill login details then also click the "Save to My Maps" link which is just to the left top corner of the map

Move the map around, either with the 'pan' controls in the top lefthand corner or by placing your cursor on the map, (if necessary start by zooming out to increase the amount of the world that you can see on screen) left click (your cursor should now turn into a clenched fist) and keeping the button depressed pull the map around with your mouse. Once you have your location showing, release the button to stop moving the map - zoom in with the controls (top left) to get a more accurate positioning for your marker. (we don't need to know exactly where you live, so for your own safety, we recommend you only zoom in to a scale of 1m/2km as shown in bottom left corner of map and only place your marker in the approximate area of where you live)

Just off the map at the top left you will see a button that says "Edit" click this and you will see three small icons appear on the top of the map - select the middle one that looks like a balloon and move your mouse to the desired position on the map, click the left mouse button when the 'cross below the balloon' (not the bottom of the balloon) is on the spot where you are located - you will then see the balloon drop into place. Now  double click on the balloon and a small window will open where you can add your name (as the 'Title') and as many or as few details as you may wish (in the main text box below) - Maybe something like (Fred Smith- I regularly read MM online and have done so since 2001 or Jackie Green - I listen to MM on my iPod, a great way to keep in touch with the homeland, former resident of Prospect Rd, family still live in the village) - just add something to let us know how you read our publication (we ask that you don't add your, home address, email address or any telephone numbers, to protect your personal safety).

When you've completed this just go back to the top left of the map and click "Save" and "Done".  If you ever decide you wish to change anything just come back to the map click "Edit" again and make your changes, remember to click "Done" to save the changes when they are completed.

If you used our Google login details above then please remember to go back and logout - thank you.

That's all there is to it - thank you for adding your info to our map - we love knowing where we are being read and how people are using our facilities.