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Minster Matters Advertising

Rates etc

NEW RATES from February 2018
(previous rate change - February 2011)
Click here to download PDF Showing Sizes and Rates


(P; Portrait : LS; Landscape) ---  Height x Width
1/16th approx    65mm x 48mm (P)     or    48mm x 65mm (LS)
1/8th approx      95mm x 65mm (P)     or    65mm x 95mm (LS)
1/4 approx 130mm x 95mm (P only)
1/2 approx 130mm x 190mm (LS only)
Full page approx 190mm x 280mm

For 1/16th & 1/8th adverts
we cannot guarantee them in a particular format (P or LS),
as this will depend on the space available, at time of placement,
however we will try, if possible, to give you the format you request.

Black and White Only
1/16th page - single insert - £12
- 6 months or more - £7.50 per issue
1/8th page - single insert - £24
- 6 months or more - £15 per issue
1/4th page - single insert - £48
- 6 months or more - £30 per issue
1/2 page - single insert - 96
- 6 months or more - 60 per issue
Full page - single insert - 192
- 6 months or more - 120 per issue

Colour (where and when available)
1/8 page £27- 1/4 page £54 - 1/2 page £108- Full page £216

Colour price is regardless of number of entries

All payments for advertising are 'In Advance'

Late payment for advertisements will mean they are omitted from next issue

To enquire as to available space
please either

email: Commercial Advertising
or fill in and send us your requirements
via our online shop contact form

Space is always very limited and it may mean we can only offer
to place you on our waiting list.

We can accept copy in any of the following formats
(Office 97-2016 - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, PDF, RTF, TXT, JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, MS Works, Openoffice, Quark and Serif Pageplus)

Contract / Terms & Conditions
Please download this file, print off 2 copies,
complete and mail them both to
Minster Matters, c/o Library & Neighbourhood Centre,
4a Monkton Rd, Minster CT12 4EA